The Griffins


Full Name: Angela Gwen Griffin
Nickname: I’ve never been a fan of a nickname for me. Occasionally someone will call me Ang or Angie but I prefer Angela 😊
Hometown: Chesnee, SC
State You Call Home: My beautiful South Carolina!
Birthday: August 2nd
Marital Status: Married to the love of my life, Tim Griffin!
Anniversary Date: 12-31-2002  New Years Eve! It’s funny, there’s always lots of parties to choose from on the night of our anniversary. 
Children: One… My husband! lol
Current Occupation: I wear many hats… The Griffins - Co-Owner, Southern Gospel Insider – Owner, Southern Gospel Media – Owner, Love A Child, Inc. – Event Coordinator / Lead Vocalist, and Global Promotions - News Director 
Career Highlight?           
Most Embarrassing Moment?
Favorite Store To Shop Till You Drop: Hum… Ross
Favorite Color: I love Red and would have to say it is my all time favorite color. As long as it’s primary colors, I’m good. 😊
Favorite Food: Steak or Chicken
Favorite Desert: Hands down… Cheese Cake Factory’s Sugar Free Cheese Cake!!!
Favorite Restaurant: Well this one is a tie…. Ruth Chris and Cheese Cake Factory
Favorite Artist/Artists: This is a loaded question that is going to get a News Director in trouble. Lol So with that said, Crabb Family.
Favorite Song? My God Will Always Be Enough - Karen Peck Gooch
Favorite Scripture: ​John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Favorite TV Show: What is that? TV? Lol I would have to say, Price Is Right! I love to watch people WIN in life!
Favorite Actor: Julia Roberts
Favorite Sports Team: A Chesnee High School Cheerleader right here! I’m a South Carolina Clemson girl. An NFL Carolina Panthers girl. Can you tell I believe in pulling for your home team!
Favorite place to Vacation: B-E-A-C-H!!! Anytime. Anywhere.

Alto Vocalist

Angela Griffin