Full Name: Timothy Carroll Griffin
Nickname: Tim
Hometown: Spartanburg 
State You Call Home: SC
Birthday: 10-19
Marital Status: Married to Angela Griffin
Anniversary Date:12-31-2002
Children: None
Current Occupation: Co-Owner/Baritone @ The Griffins. Love A Child, Inc. Event Coordinator 
Career Highlight? Becoming Self Employed
Most Embarrassing Moment? No, No, No :) 
Favorite Store To Shop Till You Drop: Harbor Tools
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite Desert: Choclate Thunder Down Under
Favorite Restaurant: Longhorn or Outback
Favorite Artist/Artists: Too many to list
Favorite Song? 4 Days Late
Favorite Scripture: Psalms 41:1 
Favorite TV Show: Dallas
Favorite Actor: Leonardo
Favorite Sports Team: Carolina Panthers
Favorite place to Vacation: Beach


Baritone Vocalist / Pianist

The Griffins